Monday, 17 October 2016

A Distracted World

 I am sitting inside an airplane flying home. The past few weeks have been busy with an outreach, conference, and seeing friends. I have a lot to think about from the past weeks, and a lot more to discover from the notes I have taken, but over all of this, I have been struck again with the wanting to know God more deeply and more intimately.The continuing realisation that this discovering never ends astounds me.

I love this feeling of flying, the small vibrations of air, and whilst I'm enjoying my spacious seating (because I have a whole row to myself :O ) I am also privileged to be reading a bible and devotion on my phone. How easy it is for us to learn more about God. We don't have to struggle to get bibles or read only pieces of them over and over again. We don't have to sit in the freezing cold to hungrily watch the Jesus movie to learn more about our saviour. Yet we take this so for granted. We are so blessed by opportunities to attend conferences and events without them having to be secret, to go to church every week - or more - without often being persecuted for it. 

But lying in bed on a Sunday is more important.  

But watching series instead of spending time with God is more important. 

But being on Facebook instead of praying is more important. 

Why don't we take this life more seriously?

Why don't we take other people's eternal lives more seriously? 

We are so distracted by the frivolous that we miss the important. 

We are in a distracted world heading into eternity oblivious, oblivious of the implication of the choices we make now.  Yet we who know Christ know better than to spend our lives staring out the window instead of keeping check on our course and alerting others to the reality that without God we are just headed for destruction. 

This is not a game. This is reality. This is not some fabricated existence inside of the matrix. These are people's lives and people's eternities. Are we paying attention? 

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